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sing with no voice

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I'm a person who likes what people likes. i love cool stuff, I love to dream that I'm the richest person in this world, I love to be praised by other people, I'm obsessed about something, some people, celebrities...just like everyone do!

P is for Powerful
H is for Hot
Y is for Yummy
L is for Luscious
L is for Luxurious
I is for Important
S is for Shocking

We Need You. Join Great-Hall now. Refer: George Weasley

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Harry and Hermione is Love
Made by: hpfan58

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Harry/Hermione is delusional love

Harry/Hermione is delusional fanon love.

Vindication: Genjo Sanzo fanlisting Don't Look Back.... Again... Don't Look Back.... Again... Vindication
Unofficial Naruto FLxxx fightingSpirit xxx :Sasuke FLxxx fightingSpirit xxx :Sasuke FLUzumakiUzumakiSasuke/Sakura FLHyuuga NejiGaara FL
H/Hr fan